At Goodwin Marketing we are PASSIONATE about marketing, social media, communication and business results.  Yes, we always link marketing actions to RESULTS and the bottom-line. Otherwise what is the point in doing marketing? It is all about the numbers and numbers! Did we mention the numbers?
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We work SMEs and larger corporations throughout Europe to develop their marketing strategies and make sure that they stay focussed on the results and not on the activities. You should set your objectives first. Then plan the marketing actions to reach these objectives and then measure to see if you got there! Did you?
Recent client projects include:

- developing a social media strategy for

- developing a user friendly website for

- creation of marketing flyers for
     Bouche2014 political campaigns

- Lead generation strategies for a large 
       US Franchising organization
At Goodwin Marketing we are passionate about marketing. To find out more about marketing best practice and to get practical tips and advice, simply follow our blog by clicking HERE!
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